The big moments in life deserve to be celebrated in such a way as to live on in memory for years to come.  At Bjørnafjorden Hotell we aim to create the subtext that defines the meaning of life in snippets of beautifully preserved memory.  When bringing family and friends together, new stories are formed that strengthen the bonds through generations.  These moments in life fuse together to form the songs of descendants.

Food is the centerpiece of any great celebration.  As Virginia Woolf once wrote: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. A Room of One’s Own (1929).  Our chefs make wonderful home-made meals from the best raw produce they can get their hands on.  Cooking is the pride and joy of Bjornafjorden Hotell and our chefs put a great deal of attention, care, craftsmanship and creativity in their food.  Nothing makes us happier than to see the flavors of a meal put a smile on our guests lips.

We invite our visitors to sit back, relax and let our head chef and his talented team create works to delight the senses.  Our restaurant staff liberate celebrants from the strain of logistical musings while they set and decorate the tables, oxygenate the wines, light the fireplaces and build an elegant framework.

Give us a call and let us help you in planning your event.  We have 35 bedrooms in our guesthouses and several party venues available that compliment groups of various sizes and tastes.  Our largest dining room can seat up to 100 friends and family.

Always allow yourself a toast to the future over a glass of chilled champagne.

Party Packages

We have fantastic packages for your wedding – please contact us for more information.

Party Facilities

Kongesalen, Storesalen and Stovo are equipped to handle celebrations that range from small sizes to large.  Our restaurant is an additional option for private festivities.